>Wolfgang Berger Transporte und Gerüstbau< is a traditionally company.

The senior, Mr. Wolfgang Berger, is leading the company himselfes since over 45 years . But the next and the third generation is already prepared to continue the family tradition.

the owner, Mr. Wolfgang Berger, receives his certification from the Industrie- und Handelskammer Aachen and establishs the "Wolfgang Berger Transporte" in Aachen.

The first "Büssing" dump truck transports sand and coal. After successfull beginning it was followed by further trucks and trailers and the headquarters will be founded in Rommelskirchen.

a new 3000sm property with office, house and workshop is bought in Rommelsheim-Nörvenich.
This is the company headquarters for the next 25 years.

a scaffold construction company is bought. Now there are more service offers.
The new company name is "Wolfgang Berger Transporte und Gerüstbau" now.
Now there is a conversion from dump trucks to tarpauling trucks to serve new clients. 

The  head of the provincial goverment in Cologne gives the first "rote Konzession", followed by four more and one "rosa Konzession" later.

The concentration is on Belgium-France-transports in the beginning.
After receiving of the  Carnet TIR the business field will be expanded to Spain and Portugal too.

The property is too small and the company leader decides to buy the today's 11500sm property in "Großen Tal" with administration building, workshop and gas station .
Now there is place enough for more new trucks, trailers and challenges.

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